Logitech Touch Mouse M600 Review

The M600 is Logitech’s first touch mouse, mimicking the functionality of Apple’s Magic Mouse and Microsoft’s own Touch Mouse. It is a premium mouse foregoing the typical physical buttons and scroll wheel, and wireless too using Logitech’s Unifying Wireless Receiver.

logitech m600 02

Looking at the Touch Mouse M600, you’ll see a featureless smooth, glossy pebble with designs resembling that of a whale shark. You’ll also notice the symmetrical shape lending to a device that can be equally used by both left-handed and right-handed people.

logitech m600 03 logitech m600 04

The underside of the M600 has the on-off switch and an ordinary laser tracking (not Logitech’s Darkfield technology). The battery compartment houses two AA batteries but you can opt to use only one if you want a much lighter mouse. It also houses the storage slot for the receiver so you won’t lose it during transport.

So where are the buttons you say? The whole mouse is the button which depresses every time you click on the right or left portion of the device. Using it may feel unnatural at first but you’ll get used to it. The click is light so it won’t strain your fingers but it’s quite responsive as well. It’s not useful for gaming though since there’s no clear separation between the left and right-click areas. There are quite a number of times that my right-clicks would register as a left-click.

logitech m600 05

Scrolling is done by just sliding your finger up or down the surface. It is responsive but not that smooth although you can install the Logitech Flow Scroll for a smooth iPhone-like scrolling experience. Swipe your fingers left and right will perform back and forward actions on your application (web browser, file explorer, image gallery). This function doesn’t work on Mac by the way.

Tracking performance is quite accurate and fluid under normal non-reflective surfaces. It’s not as good when used in a bed with rumple sheets though unlike other mice with advanced tracking technology.

A cool feature of this mouse (and most other wireless products from Logitech) is that it uses Logitech’s Unifying Receiver so you can save on USB ports if you have other wireless Logitech products. I for one am using the wireless Logitech Illuminated Keyboard. I simply paired this M600 to its receiver so I won’t have to use the M600’s own receiver.

Do note that you can only pair one device to one receiver. You cannot pair this mouse to two receivers so don’t think of plugging the extra receiver to another machine and use one mouse on both. You need to unlink (via the Unifying software) the mouse from its current receiver to transfer it to another one.


logitech m600 01

The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 retails for Php2,800 which is warranted by its sleek looks and touch functionality. What we love on the M600 is its “just-right” weight, the responsive feedback when clicking and its cool design. You won’t buy this mouse if you’re looking for all-around precision performance. It’s for those looking for a snazzy-looking wireless mouse enough for their basic needs.

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  • Griswold

    not my type of mouse kahit maging mura pa sya. it’s too flat for my grip. wish they would make another one for claw grips.

  • Lara

    The touch mouse is nothing compared to this http://www.egosmartmouse.com/