Logitech Z523 Speaker System Review

The Logitech Z523 is a speaker system for desktops and laptops (and even gaming consoles) that seeks to set itself apart from other pc speakers by boasting 360-degree sound projection.

Easy to set up out of the box, getting this unit to start blasting tunes from your pc is quite a breeze.


Now, the 360-degree sound technology could be considered Logitech’s attempt to replicate and apply for computers the balanced surround audio technology that Bose Wave speakers have perfected. While Bose Wave speakers wow the user by its puzzling “˜how does it do it?” casing, the Logitech Z523 is more obvious with how it tries to achieve this “œ360 degree sound”.

The two satellites that come with it are equipped with speakers on both the front and the back making the satellites project sound to dual points which, presumably, have a 180 degree range each. Put two and two together and ““ voila! ““ 360 degree sound! But if that alone constitutes the end all and be all of this technology, I would suppose that this speaker system would be more suited to be placed at the center of a room. Having it up against a wall would seem to totally negate this feature.

logitechz523_01 logitechz523_02

Its 6.5 inch sub woofer fires downward which enables it to deliver rich and deep bass and though it does deliver deep bass, it is in the trebles and the mid where the Logitech Z523 disappoints. They seem to sound thin and too digital making the overall quality of sound produced by this system not that impressive. In fact, turn the volume past 5 and this unit’s bass does not sound as round nor full and borders on distorting. There’s just too much bass that isn’t complimented with crisp, full trebles.

I’ve run the speaker system through a gauntlet of tests which include listening to music (jazz, hip hop, pop and rock), playing games, watching movies and, since I write music, used it as the monitor while composing a song and it simply does not compare to sound produced by the Altec Lansing system I’ve been using for 5 years now. But comparing it to the Altec Lansing would be a disservice to the Logitech Z523 considering they fall on opposite sides of the price range.


Taken on its own terms, The Logitech Z523 is a pretty decent, cheap alternative for the desktop in your room if you’re looking for a speaker system on a budget but I wouldn’t recommend it for laptop users who constantly move their laptop around as the sub woofer alone is quite bulky. Better speakers can be had at higher prices but if you’re not too particular with the sound quality of your speakers, purchasing a Logitech Z523 – with its price, ease of set up, 360-sound and deep bass – is not a bad decision. Just don’t hope for it to blast your favorite tunes in their fullest, bombastic glory.

SRP: Php4,248

Editor’s note: This post is contributed by Captain Howdy with some slight revisions by the editor. Captain Howdy is a musician, entrepreneur and a certified falko who has two dogs. He plans on creating a winning Fantasy NBA team next season revolving around Hedo Turkoglu.

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