Logitech’s Illuminated Keyboard is expensively stylish

Logitech’s Illuminated Keyboard has been around for quite some time now but I was only able to have a hands-on experience with it yesterday in their concept shop at the Cyberzone in SM Megamall.

This very stylish keyboard is the thinnest I’ve seen (not including those that could roll up) for a PC at only 9.3mm. It also has a transparent border that adds an elegant touch to it.


Its keyboard is based on laptops with the Enter key being small and an Fn key included. The Fn key can toggle numerous features that you usually see in media keyboards. I really enjoy typing on its soft and silent keys.

The best feature has to be the illuminated keys which is the reason why you would want to buy this. I’ve seen cheap China-branded illuminated keyboards that has keys made with cheap rubber or paint that it would really light up the whole keyboard (and probably your room). Logitech’s keyboard however, has laser-etched, backlight keys that provides precise illumination.

It has a key to control the illumination in 3 level of brightness including deactivating the backlight altogether.

But the price you have to pay for something so stylish and elegant is a bit high for a keyboard. SRP is P4,999 although Villman is selling it right now at only P3,990. Still, it’s something people with PC’s wouldn’t mind receiving this Christmas.

There are a bunch of cool Logitech products which you can try in their concept store at Megamall. It’s always best to try before you buy.

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  • Eric

    you obviously have not seen an apple keyboard

  • Apolo

    Off-Topic: Not seen an Apple kb? Telling that to Yuga? You obviously haven’t met him in person…

    On-Topic: Yeah, price is pretty stiff. I wonder if CD-R king can match this. Hwehehe.

  • Why would anyone buy that keyboard? Its too expensive. I can get by with a PHP 300 keyboard.

  • It’s an interesting piece of equipment, although not essential for some people. Gamers will have a use for that since they like playing in dark places.

    Saw the Logitech lounge in cyberzone too, cool.

  • I admire you and thank you for trying to wake people up with all the great information you are putting out there.