Mac OS X Tiger Update Released

For Philippine Apple Users not out of town this long weekend, the “rock solid” OS just got updated. Apple released an update for OS X Tiger (10.4), bringing operating system’s version from 10.4.2 to 10.4.3.

From this news article of Jim Darymple:

Among the changes in the update are improvements to Safari, Mail, iChat and Apple’s desktop searching tool, Spotlight. xxx More information on Mac OS X 10.4.3 will be available from Apple’s Web site. xxx [As of the time of the article, T]he 10.4.3 update was available through the Software Update system preference pane but not from Apple’s Web site.

It’s a 97 Mb download which means broadband is a must (for your sanity, that is). Personally, this is a 30-minute download, even with my internet connection.

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  • No Tiger fans here? IMO, It’s the most polished operating system I’ve seen.

    Rufus J, SystemDisc Linux CDs shop.

  • baluga01

    ako fan ni tiger…. (tiger woods)….
    hehehe. but kidding aside, i cant buy that apple.. can that tiger work on my x86 systems?