MacBook Air, Time Capsule, iPhone Updates and Apple TV Take 2

MacWorld starts today and as usual Steve Jobs was on stage to deliver the latest from Apple. All that F5 refreshes on liveblogging sites like Engadget and Gizmodo can be compressed in this 60 second video. Yes, the 90-minute keynote in just 60 seconds:

Veronica Velmont of Mahalo Daily did a good job summarizing it for the rest of us who didn’t want to rummage thru all the recent Apple announcements.

1) Time Capsule – a remote backup device for all your Macs. $299 for 500GB and $499 for 1TB.

2) iPhone Updates – new applications for the iPhone and the iPod Touch — maps with location, webclips, customize homescreen, multiple sms, all in a free update today. Oops, wait, Apple wants to milk you $20 for the same stuff on your already-bought iPod Touch.

3) iTunes Movie Rentals from $2.99 to $3.99 plus a new Apple TV for $299. That’s take 2 for the underperforming Apple TV. Hope they get it this time.

4) MacBook Air – the thinnest laptop in the world, but slower than the older versions will less power, capacity and features. This is no ultraportable like the Asus Eee PC. Still it’s beautiful, if you can afford the $1799 price tag.

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