Make a Nikon DSLR Camera Blow Up

Here’s how:

According to a Nikon service center, they have recently seen several instances of knockoff batteries causing D70 cameras to explode inside the user’s bag. Since non-certified batteries often lack the safety features of their certified counterparts, photogs looking for a sweet deal may end up risking life and limb (and eye) if the batteries happen to blow during usage (source; via)

Ok, its only a partial explosion.

However, this does brings up that popular rant I believe most digital cameras fans have (or any mobile gadget enthusiast altogether): using the manufacturer’s proprietary power supply/batteries, instead of the cheaper alternatives. That expensive, purportedly safer option, or that more practical choice?

But then, if I had a gadget that will probably be equivalent to a common Pinoy worker’s few years’ wage, I could most possibly buy the proprietary batteries anyway.

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  • if you can afford a DSLR, why not dish out a few more bucks for the safer option? then, if it still breaks, at least you can blame the OEM manufacturer.

  • Hay. If the manufacturers can make a digital camera shell na pwedeng mag-run ang open source systems, para flexible. No need for complex hacking.

    Imagine, Microsoft and/or GNU/Linux serving as your digicam platform.

  • i read somewhere that DSLR’s use some sort of DOS with a drive a: and drive b:, and in the main drive you can see the autoexec.bat and camera.exe.

    hmmm… now where did i find that?

  • Canon DSLR’s have been hacked successfully, most notably the 300D. Higher ISO’s, etc.

    Ang sa akin lang, it’ll be truly desirable that there will be generic digicam bodies -just like PC clones- where you can choose what OS to run on it. Cheaper kasi ang mangyayari, tapos, they can accomodate the more commercial lens mounts, lalo na M42 thread, which goes back decades. I got lots of M42 lenses e 🙂

  • or, if at least one DSLR manufacturer would encourage the installation of non-proprietary OS into their bodies… that would be really sweet… unix powered DSLR.

  • Thing is, you can’t expect that from any major DSLR manufacturer… I think. It’ll be too delightful if they choose to, though. Imagine the cut in costs, branding, marketing, etc. Only geeks will bother using it anyway. A 15k generic DSLR body please? with optional adapters to accomodated Nikon, Canon, and classic M42 threads? Yeah!

  • marivic villamor

    i have a nikon coolpix s5 digital camera, not the latest model, i have a problem with it. even if i put it in camera mode and ready to take a shot, it doesnt have a screen on it. hlep

  • apple

    hey i have coolpix 5100 not the latest one but it got a very big problem, nag zo-zoom sa sarili at hindi ko na ma click para makakuha nang pic..parang na sira cya..i read an article about the coolpix having a problem pag na gamit sa high temperature area or sobrang maginaw. i use sa sobrang maginaw na area, yun me how can i fix the this fixable by firmware or software upgrades?

  • Cammy

    This site is really helpful. Thanks for sharing! – Lucia (blogger for digital camera review)