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Making the most out of SMS and calls?

I don’t really know how to analyze the promos of the mobile companies. All I have noticed is that lately there are promos that make calls cheaper and same thing goes with SMS. I actually am currently using Smart’s service wherein you text 15 to a certain number so you can SMS in an unlimited number for 24 hours since activation. For people whose contacts are mainly in the same network (like myself), this gives my Php 15 a better deal in a sense. For a time, I envied Globe subscribers who had calls that are charged by each second.

People are social creatures and deals like these are very tempting. That is one of the reasons my friends, for a time, used other sim cards from other networks just so they could talk all they want. However with such promos, there’s also the abuse that comes in.

This gets me thinking of the kind of culture that is indirectly being propagated by the promos.  Then again, it is possible that whatever kind of culture we already have is being highlighted by these promos.

I personally do not SMS that much. Maybe there are people who would SMS a hundred times with that flat rate promo.  I actually keep count of the  number of messages I have sent and it would be normally around 30.  A relatively low count, right?  But still that did double the  amount of SMS I could send for the same amount.

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  • Lately, we encountered problems with this unlimited text by Smart. Say, you type 15 and send to 258. If the registration is successful, you can enjoy 24 hours of unlimited text. However, most of the times Smart doesn’t return your message anymore to inform you whether the registration was successful, but that you were already charged P15. In some worst cases, it will return a message 2 hours later but you were charged from the moment you registered. It means it’s not 24-hours unlimited text, instead 22-hours only. We feel that we are being cheated by Smart. I hate Smart.

  • i am no mobile user and i dnt work for a tel co., but i think they are already propagating (or using) a voip on their services.. these “unlimited services” as what i think is relying on the VOIP technology and the charges are just for formalization (access charge, service charge, registration charge for the said services).. and think about this, its just a matter of time and GPL will take over mobile devices where we can use free services tied up with advertisements.. one scenario, for one day ill grant you unlimited text (itll cost me 15 pesos right), in exchange, for each message you will send ill send you text advertisements from partner publishers..

  • baluga01

    kaya nga SMART! naloko kayo! hehehe! joke.
    What can you comment about the article above? I quite believe it will work. Pero, it is still SIM based at madali lang magpalit ng SIM card ngayon.

  • baluga01

    Kaya nga SMART! Nilokoko kayo! hehehe! joke.
    What can you comment about the article above? I quite believe it will work. Pero, it is still SIM based at madali lang magpalit ng SIM card ngayon.

  • Hey at least you prepaid users get unlimited… we postpaid don’t get it.

    Perhaps mobile IM will replace SMS.

  • jotuvillo: I was thinking that I might encounter the same dilemma you did but I didn’t. Then again I have only done this unlimited text thing twice so far and no failure on Smart’s part to notify me 🙂

    migs: Yeah, someday maybe 🙂

    bloggementarist: Hmmm. The telcos actually give out a lot of ads via sms as it is. I wonder… Well, maybe it could happen or they could do something else.

  • i really enjoy the 10c a second by Globe.

  • when I was with SMART, I really enjoyed the 258 unlimited promo of it in which I sent more than 600 SMS with my 15 pesos or 1 day 258.

  • As for SMS broadcast ads (or spam) — the NTC has cracked down on that.

  • bakit pah nagpopromo ang smart kung hindi nmn lahat ay pinagbbgyan n maipzok ung transaction????!!! sobrang hirap magUNLI…!!!!

  • time consuming lng ang pagrrgztr taz hindi rin mauunli…!!!! pagkkbili ng bgong sim, hindi n nmn maunli… haizZZzz… s lhat ng SMART, kay0 lng ang “bLaNk”….