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Manila airports get free WiFi courtesy of Globe

Good news to travelers out there. Globe Telecom recently partnered with the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) to bring free WiFi access to passengers at all NAIA terminals (1, 2, and 3) as well as those at the Manila Domestic Airport.


Although NAIA 1 needs more work, providing free WiFi access to airport terminals is a step to modernization and would give passengers stuck on a delayed flight one less thing to complain about. If done right, this would also showcase Globe’s network performance to first-time visitors looking for a carrier to use while in the country.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is one of the busiest airports in the world, with over 27-million passengers served in 2010. Moreover, an additional 18-million passengers flew domestic routes.

“œGlobe recognizes the increasing need for people to stay connected and in touch, whether it’s via a mobile phone or the internet. As we modernize our network and deliver faster broadband service, we are giving back to the Filipino people by powering the gateway to the Philippines with free WiFi service,” said Gil Genio, Head of the International & Business Markets of Globe Telecom.

The government has earmarked P1.16-Billion to upgrade the NAIA, which includes an array of structural works and more basic amenities in the 30-year old airport.

Globe is in the thick of a massive, $700-Million mobile network modernization program which will transform the entire Globe network infrastructure into the most modern and most resilient the country and give customers vastly improved call quality under pervasive 3G coverage, rare dropped calls, and instantaneous SMS delivery as well as enjoy blazingly fast mobile internet access.

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  • camhiliciouz

    at last! wuhooh!

  • jong

    sana Free Print din,. har,har,.,

    • Griswold

      pwede! para sa mga nagwebcheck in no?

  • loadex

    frequent traveller and bloggers and other netizen will definitely appreciate this.

    They will post sa net, will give a good vibes for the Phil, then everyone will know. And it’s from Globe.( Yun ang gusto ni Globe, free word of mouth marketing)

    Wag lang mag-down or un-reliable ang free service, kase kabaligtaran ang mababasa natin sa internet.

  • Shadow Note

    NAIA 3 had it earlier, but it’s still a good thing. If there’s anything that pisses me off, it’s the lack and/or “i-cant-access-the-net-without-paying-up-and-getting-the-airport’s-password” kind of Wi-Fi.

  • Griswold

    Ang tanong dito, baka sobrang bagal naman or di makaconnect. Parang sa mga malls. Meron nga pero kung konti lang ang gumagamit. kahit check in sa foursquare pahirapan. kelangan wag weekend. but will definitely check it next time i have the chance.

  • Ok to ah buti naman. Ang tanong mabilis kaya? 🙂

  • kismaytami

    Kasama ba Terminal 2 diyan?

  • GovernorSilver

    Does not work for iPad. Keeps asking for username and password