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Mark your calendars : checking out Spongecell and 30 Boxes

I have been checking out calendaring apps like Spongecell and 30 Boxes. They’re both easy to use and if you’re thinking of sharing your calendar with other people (friends and family, groupmates, others), it’s pretty handy.

Things I liked about Spongecell:

  • Easily add events using the Spongebar. (Basically a text input box at the top of the calendar.)
  • Easy to remember keyboard shortcuts.
  • Drag and drop event cells from one box to another.
  • Emailing of reminders. (No support for SMS… Then again it might be related to the fact I am in the Philippines…)
  • Sharing of calendar by invites, RSS. (If you want it to be more private, go for the by invites option.)

Things I liked about 30 Boxes:

  • There’s a text box where you could add events quickly, like the Spongebar.
    Integration with Flickr, Livejournal and several other services. (Your calendar would have your recent entries.)
  • Synchronizing it with MS Outlook and Apple iCal is easy (via a downloaded CSV file for Outlook and ICS file for iCal).
  • Tagging of events.
  • Buddy system what allows you to filter who an see the events on your calendar.

I have yet to see the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of 30 Boxes. There wasn’t any just yet when I signed up for the service.

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