Marshall Monitor Headphones Review

Christmas present shopping is over (phew), now it’s time to reward yourself with a present! I recently got a hold of the new Marshall Monitor headphones and wearing it makes me feel like such a rock star. These rock-inspired headphones remind me so much of the Marshall guitar amps I see in most gigs I go to. It gives me such a classic vibe that I’m not sure if these were based on an old design from decades ago. If these aren’t based on a vintage design, I say good job on the details!


I’m easily impressed by good packaging. I love how these headphones were packaged! It’s as simple as tan hard cardboard and just black printing. Inside the box, the headphones rest on foam and added cardboard with branding were placed on the right places, probably to protect the headphones while in the packaging. The box contains the black headphones, the 3 ft detachable double-ended coil cord, documentation, and a black canvas carrying pouch with the black Marshall logo printed on it. So tasteful! Even my cat, Salem seems to like it!

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The headphones are easily foldable and you can just stuff it in the carrying pouch. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all when I fold them. They’re all-black, just like the guitar amps, with the familiar “œMarshall” white logo on each ear cup.

These Marshall Monitor headphones are rubber coated but beneath it, it’s made of metal and plastic. It’s the right kind of heavy to make me feel like they won’t be easily destroyed.

The ear cups were oval and over-the-ear. It covered my ears completely. The leather-like padding was very soft, comfortable and prevented unnecessary outside sounds while I listened to my music for hours. The outside hard plastic shell reminded me so much of the guitar amp finish.

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At the bottom of the ear cups are gold-plated output connectors to allow the user on which side they want to connect the cable to. Not a lot of headphones have this design. Aside from this feature, it also serves as a way to connect additional headphones so I’ll be able to share my music to a friend just by connecting another set of headphones. No need to buy a splitter to share music with a friend. If it’s another set of Marshall Monitor headphones, I wonder how many we’ll be able to connect to form a series without sacrificing sound quality? Just a thought.

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The head band is made with a padded leather material. The inside had an even softer leather material. It’s nice, snug and comfortable at first but I’m not sure if it’s my big round head that made the sides of my head hurt after a while of using it. It may be too snug for me or it may need some breaking in for me to be fully comfortable with it.

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Underneath the headband, we have L and R gold-plated letters to indicate the left and right ear placement. I’m also loving the short coiled cable that connects the headband to the earcups since it not only functions to stretch the coil to fit the headphones better, but it also complements the 3ft detachable cable.

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The detachable coiled 3ft cable can be stretched further. What’s important to me is that it stays “œshorter” when I use it and it won’t get tangled with other things while in use. The connectors are also gold-plated. This reminds me so much of a guitar cord with brass terminals.

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The cable also has a remote and a microphone so it can be used with your smartphone.


Although I’m not a pro when it comes to sound quality, I thought the Marshall Monitor headphones delivered such crisp and clear sound. Even better, it’s an over-the-ear design so I have the full surround sound experience. The headphones deliver deep bass as well but do not drown out the highs and mid ranges. Perfect for those who love rock music!

I read that the Marshall Monitor has this FTF System that allows sound customization. I don’t know much about this so I won’t dive in.


I’d trust a brand like Marshall when it comes to sound quality. As I said, I’m not a pro when it comes to this but I am rather impressed not just with its sound quality but the overall design. These headphones are heavy-duty with a stylish classic design and good functionality that’s great for DJs or simply those who love music (a plus for rock music lovers). It’s really great that it’s foldable and that you can just stuff it in the canvas carrying case for easy storage. I also love that the cord is detachable and that I can share my music with friends through attaching another headphone.

So if you haven’t found a gift for yourself this holiday season, do consider this stylish piece!

The Marshall Monitor has an SRP of Php 8,950.



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