McDonald’s wants you to take a digital timeout with the BFF Timeout App

We are so hooked on technology and social media, that even when hanging out with friends, we still have our mobile phones in our hands. Aside from being a bit impolite, this totally defeats the purpose of “˜hanging-out’. This is exactly why McDonald’s and Coca-Cola launched the BFF Timeout App. Together, the two brands are inviting you to put down your mobile phones and spend some time offline to enjoy being with your friends ““ just talking and having some fun.

So, how do you play the BFF Timeout App?

The BFF Timeout App may be played by a minimum of three players.


Once you have the BFF Timeout App installed in your mobile phones, open the app and decide which will be host (tap “˜start game’) and which friends will be the participants (tap “˜join game’).


The BFF Timeout App runs on Internet (wifi and mobile data) and location (GPS) services when scanning for friends.


Once you have all the players, you can start by simultaneously tapping the red Timeout button.
There is a timer that monitors how long you and your friends are on digital timeout with no interruptions. No one should touch their phones to answer incoming calls or reply to messages. Doing so will end the timeout. Moreover, the timeout ends when one friend moves too far away or switches to another app.

The BFF Timeout App allows you to earn badges with more minutes spent offline and more people participating in the timeout. With just 15 minutes on a timeout for example, you can already earn a badge.


Moreover, each week, from May 25 to July 19, you and your friends could win a trip for four to Boracay, Palawan, Singapore, or Japan. Just buy a BFF Burger/Chicken Bundle and enter the promo code found on the coupon that comes with the meal in the BFF Timeout App.


Here are the raffle prizes to be won:

May 25 to June 7, 2014 ““ Trip for four to Boracay
June 8 to June 21, 2014 ““ Trip for four to Coron, Palawan
June 22 to July 5, 2014 ““ Trip for four to Singapore
July 6 to July 19, 2014 ““ Trip for four to Osaka, Japan

Download the BFF Timeout App for iOS here  and for Android here.

Visit McDonald’s BFF Timeout website for more details.

How to play the BFF Timeout App video:

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