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Me and Ubuntu Breezy Preview (part 2)

There are other things I had to do. Like sharing some of my folders with the others in the network. And also try out some new stuff on Ubuntu Breezy =)

Sharing files wasn’t difficult. I had to install Samba via the Synaptic Package Manager (apt is also ok). I actually asked someone for help over email and I also looked at the Ubuntu guide and so I edited a file called smb.conf but as JM Ibanez pointed out to me, I could actually share my folders through the graphical user interface. From the System menu, under Administration, there is a Shared Folders option. A dialog box appeared and I just clicked Add. I selected the folder to share and that was it. No hassles at all.

I also tried adding and removing programs via the Add applications option in the Applications menu. It was really easy as it reminded me of Add/remove programs of MS Windows. I added a couple of applications and one of them is Beagle. The nice thing about it is that I have my choices there and I could just click it and it would be installed.

Beagle is really nice because it could find my files quite easily. I remember typing the word “crazy” and the results included some IM transcripts that involved me saying the word crazy. It was fast too.

I am pretty much excited to actually have the official release of Breezy. It says on their site that the release is Octoner 13… 😀

I have some screenshots of what I have done with Ubuntu Breezy =) You could view them here. The screenshots include Beagle, Adding new programs, Sharing files.

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