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Medicard goes with IBM SmartCloud for patient record storage

IBM recently announced that MediCard has selected their IBM cloud computing solution ““ SmartCloud Enterprise Object Storage ““ to improve customer service through faster and easier access to electronic patient health records.

medicard ibm smartcloud

As a leading HMO, MediCard offers a wide range of services, including hospital in-patient care, out-patient care, preventive healthcare, dental care, as well as financial services. The company is associated with more than 14,000 accredited doctors, specialists and dentists, operating in more than 600 hospitals and clinics across the country.

MediCard was looking to advance its patient services with the availability of more current data to its health care providers. Its existing customer data back-up strategy consisted of regular back-up through legacy systems in several locations. The company wanted a solution that would help it have easier and faster access to customers’ present and historical data for providing quicker and more appropriate services.

To address that need, MediCard adopted IBM SmartCloud Object Storage, which manages data like documents, spreadsheets, presentations, audio files, email, and text messages.

Using an IBM SmartCloud Enterprise Object Storage solution, MediCard will be able to upload, share, and access data of any size from across the globe. The solution ensures that any modifications to data are reflected immediately across all geographies, which helps maintain data consistency and accuracy. 

The solution will help MediCard centralize its customer data operations, drive greater efficiency and ensure quicker response time. The cloud-based computing infrastructure will enable the company to easily expand its operations, thereby supporting MediCard’s future growth plans. 

“œProving high quality services is fundamental to MediCard’s business. With IBM’s solution we will be in a position to offer superior services at an affordable cost, benefitting the customers and contributing to our business growth,” said Dr. Nicky S. Montoya, MediCard President. “œThe IBM team takes a holistic approach that involves end-to-end design, delivering robust technical solutions that are easy to acquire, and are competitively priced and backed by world-class support.”

“œMediCard is a pioneer in providing innovative health maintenance services that leverages on technology,” said Mariels Almeda Winhoffer, President and Country General Manager, IBM Philippines. “œIBM is excited to be a partner in their ongoing IT transformation. Our SmartCloud Enterprise Object Storage solutions addressed MediCard’s need for efficient and secure IT, while establishing a collaborative and innovative computing environment.”

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