Meebo Updates

Meebo, that portable universal instant messaging software has added quite a number of welcome features:

  1. It now has incoming and outgoing message sounds which are cute and subtle.
  2. There’s a my meebo option wherein you can create an account then save all your IM details there.
  3. You can now see if a user’s status is just away or the ubiquitous “I’m mobile / I’m on SMS.”
  4. If you know the userid of the one you want to IM you can message him/her directly, by clicking on the IM buddy icon, without selecting him/her on your list. This is handy if you want to send an offline message and you don’t want to go through your long list of offline buddies

If you want to know more. They have a blog here, which is regularly updated.

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  • We need more IM variety in a country full of cafe hotseaters. Meebo can help.

  • When all other options fail, maybe try talking on Gmail? 😉

  • Meebo and other web instant messaging clients are a great help especially in schools and offices where IM’s are blocked and program installation is not allowed.