Message Center for Google Webmaster Tools

about_logo.gifGoogle just announced the New Message Center feature of their Webmaster Console. This way, webmasters who registered their sites with the console get to receive personalized messages from the Big G.

However I wouldn’t be too happy with receiving any messages from Google just yet via their message center, according to them:

Initially the messages will refer to search quality issues, but over time we’ll use the Message Center as a communication channel for more types of information.[source]

As a webmaster tool, the Google Webmaster Central is indispensable. With it you can access vital information regarding how Google sees your site (Site’s Linking in, Query Stats, Page Analysis etc) as well as set certain parameters regarding how you’d like Google to see your site (ex. preferred domain, sitemaps, URL removal, etc.) If you’re still not using it for your site it I’d suggest signing up now … why wait to be forcefully assimilated? *snicker*

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