Message in a Beep

When your PC boots up and spews out a series of different length beeps. Don’t worry, that’s not Morse code, that’s just your PC saying ‘Hi’ to you telling and you what’s wrong with it. It’s great that manufacturers put that feature in given the myriad of wiring’s you could find in a PCs innards right now. This helps to cut down the downtime time as well as helps prevent you from pulling out the wrong part for diagnosis/replacement.

Most PC motherboards follow the IBM beep codes : here
Just in case they don’t tally, check what motherboard your using and refer to this site

Please follow proper precautionary measures when working on your PC, like:

1. Unplug the PC.
2. Work in a stable and well lighted area.
3. Don’t eat, drink/smoke while working.
4. Be careful of static electricity which could damage sensitive parts in your PC.
5. Remove any piece of clothing that could get you entangled with the PC (ID string, neckties, loose bracelets etc.)
6. If you’re not sure, get a certified expert to work on your PC…Unless of course you are loaded and can easily afford to pay for stuff you might break *snicker*

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