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Metro Manila train directions now available in Google Maps

Here’s something that every tourists or those not familiar with the Metro Manila train system would find useful, Google Maps directions via public trains. You can now plan your route in Google Maps if you’re taking the LRT1, LRT2, MRT3, and the PNR Commuter Train when traveling within Metro Manila.

Thanks to the good folks of local web and software company, Eacomm Corporation, traveling by train in the metro is now made easier with Google Maps. All you need to do is set your start and end location, and you’ll see the nearest train station and any train transfers needed in-between to get to your destination.

To access, simply click Get Directions on the upper left of Google Maps and click the By Public Transit (train icon) button.


Key in your starting point (it will be filled up for you if you’re on mobile) and your end point before clicking the Get Directions button.


That’s it. You can see in the map the nearest station you need to get to and the last station you have to get off. Click each icons along the route so you’ll know what train direction you should be taking, where to walk, and other pertinent details for your DIY train travel around the metro.

Well done Google and Eacomm Corporation!

[via Newsbytes]
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  • Now if only they could incorporate bus and jeepney routes.. I remember applying for a job at Makati and I used Google Maps to tell me where the location was coming from the Ayala MRT station. The problem was, the jeepney could only drop passengers at specific stops, so I ended up missing the corner I wanted to get off at and ended up walking a Makati City block and a half to that corner, and then another couple of blocks to where I was applying. So yeah, I’m actually seriously wishing for jeep and bus routes to be incorporated -_-

    • Griswold

      that would be awesome although it will take a lot of work. sana kahit sa mga business district muna. hirap nga sa makati for newbies, hindi mo alam kung san yung mga sakayan and babaan.

    • yep, alam ko major undertaking if ever. kaya happy pa din ako sa lrt/mrt route integration. kudos to Google and Eacomm 🙂

  • Mica

    Major improvement! Good job!

  • ferdie romero

    i hope someday they will enable voice navigation in the Philippines without requiring rooting of the device… Nonetheless, this is great news and kudos to Google!

  • Griswold

    wow this is so cool! mga buses naman next. yung jeep mahirap yun. hehehe.

    and sana magkaroon ng kiosks sa mga mrt/lrt station na nakaconnect sa google maps. hehehe.

    • thejorlanb

      one problem sa pagincorporate ng bus and jeeps is hindi synchronized at sobrang daming routes.