Microsoft acquires Teleo

It could be said that Microsoft is really having one heck of a time battling Google. A week ago, Microsoft acquired Teleo, a VoIP company. What’s with Teleo? Microsoft acquired it in order to make MSN Messenger 7.5 better. The latest MSN Messenger boasts of a major advantage over Google Talk. Google Talk can make a user have PC to PC calls but with the latest MSN Messenger, a user could even call landlines and mobile phones. You can read the entire news here.

Yet another way to have VoIP. What say you?

I think that it might be a while before something similar is offered here in the Philippines. I personally would be interested in a service that would allow me to call a landline from a computer especially when I need to interview someone and would have to confirm immediately. Sometimes email does not suffice. What the improved MSN Messenger could do is go beyond calling other people PC to PC. For someone like me who is currently staying in front of a computer the entire time at work, this is a nifty idea. However, there’s still a lot to hope for that technology here. Somebody has to pioneer it first here and maybe that is something we could look forward to in the future.

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