Microsoft ain’t abandoning XP yet; Windows XP SP3 leaked

When Microsoft earlier announced it will be phasing out Windows XP by 2008, everyone thought we’re doomed with Vista. What will all that bugs and incompatibilities, it sure does make corporate system administrators crack their heads in frustration.

Even PC manufacturers like Acer are disappointed with Windows Vista. Windows XP is still the best option since its release in 2001.

Recent reports revealed a leaked Service Pack 3 for Windows XP. Now there’s still hope.

More on that story here.

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  • phasing out XP? thats scary!

  • i’m not getting vista until there’s an sp2 for it. i’m sticking to xp. tried installing older blizzard games on vista, but before you can do that you must tweak the registry. thanks but no thanks.

  • Darell

    phasing out the XP are big trouble for other people.. due to its lack of compatibility..

  • It’s a good idea to hang on to your xp issai until vista is out for sometime. At least further issues particularly, security and compatibility wold have been sorted out by then. But by that time i guess they will release a new OS again.

  • huhuhu… my laptop with XP broke and I had to get a desktop that is a vista coz no store is selling any desktops with xp. i am sad… but well, i got a duo core now… and i can play world of warcraft… so let’s just look on the bright side…

  • makoy

    my pc is from windows xp sp2. i upgrade my OS to Vista Ultimate and Fedora linux 7 my pc is dual boot.

    as of now my pc is okay, from installation and running with vista, from the start the problem of vista is a hardware driver. now i need to download all the higher version of my hardware driver. and after that my pc run smoothly with vista and fedora.

    and i disable the User Account Control(UAC) to play may older games.

    for the developer vista is also supported Visual Studio 6.0 and .net 2005 not for .net 2003

  • carlo

    I have no objections Vista being out in the market. But the sad thing is in the corporate world that all/most machines are running in XP OS its not that easy for those corporate machine to be easily shifted to the new OS which is Vista. Hope that Microsoft would take some consideration in letting XP be supported for quite longer.

  • marco

    i ain’t getting vista! i just want to upgrade to xp sp3 and did ms say they are phasing xp that is terrible!