Microsoft to mass-produce single-play DVDs

UPDATED: Well, this appears to be a hoax. Thanks commenter wasted_brain for the update. Slashdot also reported on it here.

Cinematical reports on a Microsoft gesture that might as well leave all video rental stores in the dust.

Keywords: mass production of single-play DVDs.

The catch: even at a reasonable $5 a pop, these new discs require new players. No matter; video geeks would surely know how to rip the said discs to anyone’s hard drive eventually. Give them a 24 hour period upon initial release.

A possible solution to local piracy? I think not. As long as the legal local releases consist mainly of bad B-movies (yes Virginia, there is such a thing as a ‘good‘ B-movie) and forgettable Hollywood fluff, there’ll always be a paying audience for the Quiapo goods.

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  • Even withuot this video rental stores are already in pain. If they launch yet another standard it’s gonna complicate everything, but just give pirates something new to pick on. Somehow I don’t think this will fly.

  • would it be a waste that microsoft plans to produce single playing DVDs? ithink this will add to OMB dilemna-hunt for anti piracy…

  • wasted_brain
  • yep., it’s a hoax! microsoft won’t allow any misconceptions about this…