Microsoft Bing Commercial

Microsoft is re-introducing their search engine as a decision engine and called it Bing. To get the message across, MS launched a series of funny commercials for Bing:

Bing: Cellphone Commercial

Bing: Ticket to Hawaii

Bing: Search Overload Is Over

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  • Try to search “bing” on… You will be amazed with the result… See my post on how the top4 search engines differ from each other using keywords “bing”, “yahoo”, “google”, and “ask”…

  • obama

    MS forgot to ask a single school district network admin about possible problems before spending millions on advertising Bing. I discovered rampant pornography on Bing as the local school district network admin and had to block all Bing pages. Too bad. School districts receive Internet funding from Federal and State funding which disallows pornography in the school environment. My employer cannot afford to loose Internet funding because of poor MS planning.

    MS has “recently” become aware of the problem, but our school district’s Internet content filter has not yet been updated to block Bing pornography. Maybe after a year, we’ll unblock Bing.