Microsoft Exec 'Confirms' Nokia's Comeback, Gives Q2 2017 Date
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Microsoft Exec ‘Confirms’ Nokia’s Comeback, Gives Q2 2017 Date

As far as we’ve seen, most of Nokia’s comeback plans have been shrouded in leaks and rumors. However, there seems to be an almost official, reputable source that can confirm our anticipation.


Just recently, a senior Microsoft executive said that Nokia was about to make its re-emergence in the smartphone market around Q2 2017.  The actual quote came from CEO of Mobile Device Commodities for Microsoft Asia Pacific, James Rutherford, in a Vietnamese publication:

“HMD Global (the owner of Nokia commercial rights) planned to launch two new phone products in the fourth quarter 2016 and at least two smartphones in the early second quarter 2017.”

Obviously, it’s not much, but at the very least it’s some sort of confirmation from a believable place.  If Microsoft has this kind of awareness, then it’s probably true. This is just icing on the cake of rumors and leaks storming the internet.

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Many will remember the Nokia D1C, a purported upcoming smartphone from the former mobile powerhouse. However, another source, GFX Bench, claimed that this leak is actually a tablet measuring 13.8 inches.

Regardless of what it’ll turn out to be, can Nokia and the D1C challenge the lofty positions held by Apple and Samsung?  Can they, as many are hoping, come back to dominate the mobile scene?  We’ll have to keep waiting for an official word from Nokia themselves to find out.


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