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Microsoft launches Dynamics CRM 2013, focuses on mobile and social

Microsoft Philippines recently launched their Dynamics CRM 2013 to the country. This CRM upgrade touches on current trends in mobility and social that allows businesses to engage and build loyalty among an ever-connected and more mobile customer base.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 brings additional enhancements to the tables which includes a reimagined user experience, process excellence and agility, enterprise collaboration and CRM on-the-go.

Vincent Poncet

Vincent Poncet, Microsoft’s Technical Solution Specialist for Dynamics, shared the benefits of the new Dynamics that businesses in the country can leverage in order to deliver new forms of value to customers.

An entirely new user experience is delivered through an improved interface that adapts to the way people work. CRM 2013 provides streamlined navigation, simplified data entry and even a clear customer summary that allows users to immediately view everything they need. Key business data, related activities and information are presented in a clean, consistent and easy-to-access manner.

CRM 2013 gives users step-by-step visual guidance to navigate workflows making transactions easier to follow. Effectiveness is achieved with its ability to quickly create and modify processes allowing business to adapt to the changing needs of market. CRM 2013also enables the configuration of process flows from multiple entries and address different resolutions paths. With this, CRM 2013 transitions from a traditional transactional CRM to one that is more process and outcome-oriented.

Enterprise collaboration is made possible through innovative and user-centric benefits that connect employees with each other and with customers. Microsoft Lync and Yammer have been incorporated into the system allowing users to quickly comment on posts or start conversations with colleagues and customers in real-time directly from the CRM tool. Communication capabilities have been embedded in the tool, allowing employees to easily engage with customers via email, phone and even Skype or Lync.

To adapt to mobility and the “˜BYOD’ trend in the workplace, CRM 2013 offers a new mobile application that existing Dynamics CRM users can access for free. Employees remain productive as they are kept connected to customers and given access to data wherever they are. The mobile application also gives a seamless and consistent CRM experience as configurations made on the web interface are automatically reflected on the mobile application.

With CRM 2013, Microsoft stays true to its powerful vision of providing proactivity, productivity, ubiquity, and flexibility to Filipino businesses.

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