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Microsoft offers Win XP to Win 8 upgrade promo to SMBs

About a month ago, Microsoft announced the end of support for their Windows XP and Office 2003 which will take effect on April 8, 2014. This means no further support will be provided for the said products in case vulnerabilities and security issues are found after that date.

To encourage SMBs to modernize their IT infrastructure before that deadline, Microsoft offers their beneficial promo called Get2Modern.


From May 1 to June 28 2013, qualified SMBs can avail of a special 15% discount on Windows 8 and Office 2013, as well as 20% off on Windows 8 Pro notebooks and tablet hardware upgrade offers.

To top it off, for the first 100 local SMBs who will avail of this offer, Microsoft Philippines will provide them with their own customized Windows 8 catalog app. An app made for Windows 8’s touchscreen UI they can showcase to their customers.

Issa Aviles, Small and Medium Business and Enterprise Marketing Lead at Microsoft Philippines said, “œSMBs from the backbone of the economy as they employ a large portion of the workforce and contribute significantly to productivity, export and revenues. Yet, many are stuck with old technology and processes which do not address today’s needs for increased collaboration and higher productivity for a multi-generational workforce and security. Our goal through this effort is to help SMBs to modernize by moving away from old technologies like Windows XP or Office 2003 so they can truly realize new levels of productivity, experience stronger security and take advantage of cloud services cost effectively.”

Additionally, SMBs running Windows XP and Office 2003 need to be aware that these products will no longer receive support from Microsoft, which means they will be exposed to security and privacy risks, software incompatibility and eventually higher total cost of ownership.

To learn more of Microsoft’s Get2Modern promo and how you can upgrade your business, do visit http://www.itworks.ph.

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