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Microsoft Office Web Apps now integrated to Windows Live

If you have a brand new laptop without Microsoft Office, fret not because you can still open your Office documents via your web browser thanks to the Office Web Apps which are now integrated to your Windows Live account.

width="311"When you create a Windows Live (or Hotmail or MSN) account, you will automatically have a Windows SkyDrive account to store your files online on a 25GB space. From here, you can also create Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote  documents. Of course, it won’t be as fully featured as your desktop version but it’s still nice to know that you have the option to open and edit your documents wherever you are as long as you have an internet connection and a browser.

What you can also probably do is save your Office documents to SkyDrive so you’ll have a copy of it on the cloud just in case you wish to edit it back at home. Microsoft Office 2010 already has this option in the Publish menu to send your files to your SkyDrive account. Once there, you can also set permission settings to do collaboration with your team even when away from each other.


Its great integration with Office gives users the ability to quickly and easily save and open documents from the Web, directly from Microsoft Office 2010. And because features available in Microsoft Office like text styles, spell-checking AutoCorrect, Clip Art, Sparklines and SmartArt Graphics are also made available online, Office Web Apps provide users with a consistent and familiar Office experience that they trust.

With this innovation, users are equipped with a familiar working environment and the confidence that documents retain fidelity while working either in the cloud or offline, leaving content and format preserved while moving across devices.

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  • Marck

    Is this similar with Google docs? If it is, then there would be a lot of issues along the way.

  • lynette

    i’m using the hotmail office as my back up for all my files n pics. It’s so easy to upload. Also i could edit files online such as excel.

  • jojo

    no need to buy $$$ license if this is real

    • it’s real but of course it can only do the basic features. i was able to use word web app when i found out that there’ no MS Office in a new laptop that i was using.