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Microsoft Philippines celebrates WHO DUNN I.T. 2011

Last week, Microsoft Philippines’ held their WHO DUNN I.T. event at the Republiq in Resort World, Manila. The event joins all Philippine-based developers and IT professionals in one venue to share and exchange their best IT knowledge, practices and solutions using Microsoft technology.


Prior to the event, IT professionals and developers were encouraged to share their stories regarding the IT solutions that they have developed and how these programs built using Microsoft technology have enabled companies to become progressive and operate more efficiently.

“œWith the IT professionals from different industries gathered in one place to inspire others of their developed solutions, the IT community can grow into one strong nation of innovative leaders. Developers play a big role in enhancing business operations and the solutions they create can help heighten business processes,” said Arup Maity, President & CEO of BlastAsia, Inc. as he spoke during the event.

Maity heads BlastAsia, Inc., a company specializing in Outsourced Product Engineering services. BlastAsia surpassed their challenges as a company with the help of Windows Azure. “œIn deploying our business transactions on Windows Azure using Silverlight technology, we were able to overcome the challenges we experienced to efficiently deliver customer needs, application development and deployment, as well as provide innovative and intuitive user experience.”


Among those present in the event were Jojo Ayson, Engineering Manager for Security, SeaChange International; Microsoft Partner DB Wizards; and Team by Implication, who won first place in the Game Design category in the 2010 Imagine Cup competition.

The event was hosted by the “˜Cosplay Queen’ of the Philippines, Alodia Gosiengfiao, dressed as The Baroness, together with Tim Vergel de Dios, Academic Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Philippines, who went as Cobra Commander.


There was also a mini-Cosplay event and a raffle draw where Microsoft Philippines gave away an Xbox with Kinect and a WP7 phone HTC Mozart. Participants were also treated to a photo opportunity with Alodia herself afterwards.

More photos of Who Dunn I.T. 2011:

whodunit04 whodunit05 whodunit06 whodunit07 whodunit08 whodunit09 whodunit10 whodunit11 whodunit12

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