Microsoft Philippines Discount on Full Packaged Products

I first saw this in a newspaper ad, but it took a while to reach the web.

30% Off on Full Package Products – Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. From November 15 to December 15. Free upgrade to Vista with XP Pro.

Now with 30%, how much is it? A whopping PhP 15,800 for Pro and PhP 10,700 for Home.

At least you get a chance to win a XBox 360.

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  • Still! windows sucks.

  • true true! 😛

  • baluga01

    coz’ they will release their vista stuffs.

  • vista sucks more!!

  • I’d appreciate it more if they just sold the damn 360s.

  • Isn’t Microsoft Philippines selling the Xbox 360? Perhaps they really don’t know how (or don’t want) to sell retail products.