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Microsoft pulls the plug on Xbox 360 console

Microsoft announced on Thursday, through an entry on its website, that it will end production of new Xbox 360 consoles, putting an end to the console’s illustrious decade-long career.

Despite of the sad news, Microsoft stated that it will still provide the same level of support for the discontinued gaming console. The software giant reassures Xbox 360 users that the hardware will still be supported at xbox.com/support and users will still have access to the Xbox Live servers and all the benefits that they had prior to the announcement.

Xbox 360

In addition, Xbox 360 users will still also have access to more than 4,000 titles developed for the console, and will still be able to buy accessories through retail stores and Xbox 360 online stores while supplies last.

Lastly, Microsoft stated that they will still continue to sell remaining Xbox 360 consoles on their inventory, albeit will no longer manufacture new Xbox 360 consoles.


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