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Microsoft’s My Phone service allows you to back up your mobile data

The My Phone is an online service that allows Windows Mobile 6.x users to backup their mobile data such as contacts, messages, photos, documents and other data on the cloud courtesy of Microsoft.

myphoneIt is a free service that will give you 200MB of storage for your mobile data and is pretty useful if you regularly change your phone or have to reset it occasionally.

Handsets on the Windows Mobile 6.x platform will have a My Phone application to Sync their data into their Windows Live account. Automatic scheduled syncing is also possible as long as the phone can connect to a data network.

So if you’re a Windows Mobile User and looking for an online solution that will allow you to quickly sync and back up your mobile data, do check out My Phone.

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  • This is simply outstanding feature,in case if some thing happens to our mobile then we can back up data by using Microsoft My phone service

  • this is very promising!!!!
    we have 200+ HTC deployed and the biggest headache is to backup every unit in case it is for repair or for replacement..

    • yeah but it’s only for windows mobile OS. hehehe. There’s a similar solution for Android but the name of the app escaped me at the moment.

  • Eric

    Interesting technology, even though I don’t plan on getting an iPhone.