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Midea Air Conditioning Units can be bought for as low as Php7k

We were at Midea’s event yesterday where they introduced to the press some of the air conditioning units that they have outed in the market and some that will soon be offered in the country, including one window type model that costs around seven grand and one specifically designed for kids.

midea-aircon2015 (2)

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Midea is a popular home appliance brand in China, where they mainly cater to consumers with home appliances such as stoves, rice cookers, refrigerators, and air conditioners; and they are also known for being OEMs (original equipment manufacturer) and ODMs (Original Design manufacturer) for other companies in some parts of the globe.

Initially released in one appliance store brand last year, the said Php7k-worth AC has a horsepower of 0.6HP and has a cooling capacity of 5,803 kj/Hr. It has a power input of 574 W, and bears a 0.1 kj/W-Hr EER rating. It’s also lightweight, and is said to emit a near-silent operation sound.

Along with the 0.6HP window AC, there are also split-type inverter ones. The Mirror Black, for example, presents itself with an exquisite design not seen on normally-plain and white air conditioners; and it features Turbo DC Inverter, Cool Air Detection, Eco Mode, Self-cleaning, Refrigerant Leakage Detection, and a golden fin that prevents corrosion. A 2.0HP variant is being sold for Php 40,998 at one appliance retail store.

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All ACs are said to be proven in strength and durability, as they are made specifically for the Philippine climate, through various rigorous environments, noise, and dropping tests before they are shipped out. Media PH also guarantees that after-sales of its products, touting easy and fast installation,  repair with trained technicians and stocked spare parts.

“Our products’ warranties are the same with our Japanese and Korean counterparts. We don’t want to offer our products at any place where we don’t have a service center nearby. If we sell our products at such, we would make our customers angry (non-vertabim),” said Raul Joseph Concepcion, CEO of Concepcion Midea Inc., during the press event.

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Midea also plans to introduce new AC models as early as Q1 or Q2 2016. Such is a red tower AC with four-direction air, an air conditioner designed for kids with thermal sensors in tow to prevent ‘aircon sickness’, and a portable AC that can be brought from one place to another without any hassle.

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More information about Midea’s AC units can be seen at this link.

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