MiLi Power Angel Review

The MiLi Power Angel is a compact, portable battery pack for your iPhone and iPod (Classic, Nano, Touch). It’s a nice companion for your iPod if you often find yourself with a drained battery in the middle of the day and with no way to charge your device.



The MiLi Power Angel is a small, minimalist yet stylish. It is made of hard plastic that doesn’t feel cheap when handled. We got the white one but it is also available in black.


It has the 30-pin iPod connector where you will plug in your iPhone or iPods. It also comes with a USB cable which is the Power Angel’s way of charging itself via the miniUSB port located on its underside.


Press the MiLi button on the center to activate the 4 LED lights which tells you how much charge is remaining.


The Power Angel also has a stand at the back so you prop it on the table to watch videos while it is charging your iPhone/iPod.


According to the specs, the Power Angel takes about 3 hours to fully charge its 1200mAh (Li-Pol) battery. I plugged it on my machine and it took 2:45 hours till it becomes fully charged. When your iPhone/iPod is connected to it while charging, it will fully charge your device first before it charges itself.


In my experiment, I was able to fully charge my fully-drained iPod Touch 2G in a little over an hour. It completely drained a fully-charged Power Angel though. However, charging time and requirement might differ when using other iPods.

Another trick the Power Angel can do is that you can sync your iPod to iTunes when you use it while it’s connected to the PC. Not a big deal really but sometimes, you will just forget your iPod’s USB cable.

Although you can plug it into an iPad, the output of the Power Angel is not powerful enough to charge it.


The MiLi Power Angel is a simple device for a simple but practical use. I often find myself wanting to charge my iPod Touch but I don’t want to bring a USB cable and a USB power adapter. Besides, I’m always on the go so I can’t stay put beside a power outlet while waiting for my iPod to charge. The Power Angel is a pocketable solution for your iPod’s emergency battery requirement.


The MiLi Power Angel retails for Php1,490 and you can get it at your nearest Power Mac Center, The A.Shop, or Switch. It comes with a one year warranty which is something you would want on a power device.

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