MiLi Power Crystal gets copied, beware of counterfeits

The MiLi Power Crystal is one of the first portable battery packs we reviewed. It’s being sold in authorized Apple resellers for P1,650 and still remains to be the popular choice due to its stylish design and variety of connector tips included.


Being popular sure has its drawback as imitations of the MiLi Power Cystal have found their way in stalls and tiangges around the metro.

To spot fake MiLi Power Crystals before buying one, be aware of the following:

  • Make sure that the MiLi logo is printed on the tips and on the pouch
  • The branding on the device itself should be greyish
  • The finish should be clean white, not off-white (for the white version)

The distributor of MiLi cautiously warns its customers of these sub-par products which may stop working after a short time or might harm your device as you use it.

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  • Give the fake MiLi a few months, it’ll look almost the same. And the country of origin is where?

    • Have no idea. care to guess? 😉

      • alvir

        i know where….. hahaha

  • L

    Is this only for Apple Products or can I use it for Android devices?

    • for all handheld devices that requires power and uses any of the tips included including PSP, nokia phones, ipods, BBs, etc.

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