MiLi Power Spring 5 Review

MiLi is quickly becoming one of the popular brands in the local market for portable battery packs having a wide range of packs in different shapes and capacities. The MiLi Power Spring 5 is the case type of battery pack that is made specifically for the iPhone 5.

MiLi Power Spring 5 01

What I like about this battery case is it’s simple and minimalistic design. It’s made of one piece, doesn’t cover any ports nor add much to the length of your phone. It does add a bit of bulk but still doesn’t make your sexy iPhone 5 hideous. Another thing of note is the height of the case which doesn’t keep the glass from touching a surface when laid face down.

MiLi Power Spring 5 02

I’m not fond of the piano black glossy finish on its back as it reduces the premium-look of your phone and also attracts prints and smudges easily. At the back you can also see the typical 4 charge indicator LEDs and the status button you’ll often find in other MiLi packs.

MiLi Power Spring 5 04

The inside has a rubber padding to somehow protect the back of your phone and keep it from being scratched.

At the bottom is the pull-out Lightning cable. I prefer this over battery cases where your phone is always plugged in. With a pull out cable, you can control when you want to use the charge on the case. It doesn’t obstruct the use of the phone anyway while plugged in.

MiLi Power Spring 5 03

The Power Spring 5 has a 2200mAh capacity that doesn’t seem much but could still give your iPhone 5 a full charge with a little left over. Charging the case is done via microUSB and takes from 3 to 5 hours depending on the power source. With less than 10% charge on my iPhone 5, the Power Spring 5 was able to nurse it back to 100% in a little over two hours with one LED light still on.

I’ve been using this case for a weeks now and still haven’t thought of replacing it with a regular case. The emergency charge is so useful for an iPhone user and the fact that you don’t need to bring a separate battery pack and its cable makes it a convenient accessory.

Oh and one other important thing. With the Power Spring 5, you can effectively charge your iPhone using a microUSB cable. Something that’s really useful when charging in cars because for some reason, using a Lightning cable on a car charger just won’t charge my iPhone 5.

MiLi Power Spring 5 05

The MiLi Power Spring 5 is already available in authorized Apple reseller store for Php3,300.

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