Misfit Shine: Fitness with Style

Wearable tech are the “in” thing this year. From watches to Bluetooth tags, it’s everywhere! The most popular wearable tech would be the fitness trackers and you won’t believe the wide range of choices out there. Each has their own unique feature and some might fit you better than other but now, we are reviewing the Misfit Shine. It’s a fitness tracker that doesn’t compromise on style.


Other than turn heads because of how it looks (Are you wearing a French Macaron?), it tracks your activity from walking to yoga to swimming and even sleeping! You don’t even need to buy a separate device for it (but you can if you want) for tracking sleep. Have I already mentioned that it is waterproof? Unlike some fitness trackers, you can use Misfit Shine to track your swimming activity. Here’s another part that you will like. No charging. As per inquiry, distributor said that on normal use, battery can last up to 6 months. That’s not bad at all.


The device itself has no physical buttons. To sync it to your device, open your phone’s Bluetooth and click the sync button to update your selected settings to your phone and to upload your data from your Misfit Shine to your device. Data can usually be stored for around 2 weeks before it is over written so better upload data often (Check out the Misfit app for iOS and Android). Since it’s a small circular device without an LCD, it has 12 LED lights to inform you of basic information like time and your progress for the day. You have the option to choose whether you want to display the time first or your progress of the day first. Here’s how it looks like:


After knowing how it works, you know have several options on how you want to wear it. As per trying, the most accurate way is to wear it as a watch. Inside the package, a wrist strap and a magnetic clasp is included. You use the wrist strap to wear it as a watch and the magnetic clasp can be used in several ways. You can either hang it on your necklace and make it look like a pendant or attach it on your shoe, belt or coat. Be creative. As I’ve said, it’s function and style in one. Take note though the because of the size, I find it a bit girly. I tried wearing it as a watch a few days but I felt that the circular diameter of the Misfit Shine is too small for me.


It also comes in a range of colors too like topaz, gold, black, grey and more. Check out their Facebook to learn more about the device: https://www.facebook.com/MisfitWearables.Ph

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