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MMDA Tnav is CyberPress’ IT Product of the Year for 2011

The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Traffic Navigator (Tnav) was named the 2011 IT Product of the year by the IT Journalists Association of the Philippines, commonly known as CyberPress. The online traffic monitoring service which was launched last August is a joint project of MMDA and InterAksyon.com and bested other IT Product of the Year nominees such as the iPad 2, Epson’s ink-tank printers, Ultrabooks, and Smart’s NetPhone.


With the Tnav site, tech-savvy motorists can quickly assess the traffic situation they might encounter while on the road using their laptops, tablets and smartphones. Real-time traffic data is provided by MMDA’s traffic monitoring operations. It can be accessed via http://mmdatraffic.interaksyon.com and you can also download mobile app version for the iOS and Android devices.

“œThe Tnav has quickly become an indispensable tool for motorists, saving thousands of man-hours, preventing wasted fuel and empowering our constituents with valuable information that they use to beat traffic,” said MMDA traffic discipline director and mobile app developer Yves Gonzales.

According to MMDA, the Tnav for iOS has already been download 73,752 times (as of last week) since it was launched on September 17 while the Android version had 9,587 downloads to its name less than a month after it was launched on November 24.


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  • Griswold

    kudos to MMDA for coming up with this service. Next, I hope yung mga telcos can somehow make access to this service free. para people will use it more talaga.

    • that sounds like a good idea. as long as you’re connected to a network, you have free access to the mmda tnav

  • thejorlanb

    Sometimes, we dont need too much complicated ideas to innovate. Things like this, though simple, deserves to win.