MMOG on Linux/Wine?

There has been word going around that you can run Ragnarok Online on Linux running Wine. Is this true? I haven’t read articles yet but a client of mine asked if this is possible. Level-Up India is interested to have Ragnarok and other MMOG to run on Linux as this is cheaper for internet cafes to operate on.

I read in some forum that you can use Windows stuff in Linux via Wine, Crossover Office or Cedega but it would be a bit difficult and messy. Are there any companies out there doing some porting of these games to Linux aside from the old ones like Warcraft 3?

Apparently, a lot of local internet cafe owners are affected by the recent campaign of the Business Software Alliance. Some of them have already closed shop temporarily to avoid being raided.

A local net cafe owner posted a call for help in this forum. Found this site, and there seems to be a lot of game references posted there.

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  • thats what they get for running their businesses on pirated software, they figured theyd never be caught or stopped and knew the risk they were taking. its a start against stopping piracy. net cafes were never that lucrative in the first place, too much price competition, high cost of electricity, new games requiring expensive video cards, high speed internet connections and know licensed software which they should have factored in in the first place. this is a start to protecting IP and to allow a local software industry to grow – via mobilephone

  • The rumours have substance, I’m afraid. Many cafes in the provinces are affected by the situation, and the looming threat to their businesses has jarred many a cybercafe operator into action. I have witnessed their reactions firsthand; in Bacolod City an “alliance” of cybercafe operators has been formed, and its members have taken various steps, such as a temporary migration to Linux for the time it takes them to purchase Windows licences. Meanwhile to answer your question Crossover Office supports the “serious” applications, the most prominent among them MS Office up to XP and Adobe Photoshop up to 7.0 (I think). Your best shot at running games is Cedega Point 2 Play; if it is on the compatibility list, it can be made to work. As for Ragnarok Online, it makes calls to the Windows Registry, and AFAIK the local cybercafe owners have had no luck. I will ask around with an old professor who likes his Level 99 character enough to at least try to get RO running under Linux. *laughs* There are Linux-native games; IMO the best among them is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, which plays much like CounterStrike and Day of Defeat (with a bit more sense). That is, if the user can enable 3D acceleration which is an endeavour in itself. But that’s a topic too lengthy to discuss on this comment form. 😉

  • late comment, but what the heck…

    well, mmog’s *might* run on linux, but the some (specifically the ones with gameguard) wont, due to calls to activex (i have no idea why its needed in the first place). anyway, ive heard thate there are some owners who were skilled enough to –ehhrrm– disable gameguard, and run the thing under wine.

    the makers have been contacted though, and some are (supposedly) getting a move on to migrating their games to linux.

  • Conor Shenk

    I actually got Ragnarok Online working pretty well in wine with Ubuntu Breezy ( in a windowed mode. It requires a little better graphics card then standard, but runs pretty well on my Nvidia 128 bit card. Check out the site for the CrossOver stuff, but also the site, since they have a bunch of info on how to run RO in wine. That’s how I got it to work. Cheers.

  • pirate ako!

    hayyy… what a dilemma to operate pirated or legaly a friend of mine does both .. he bought 4 original windowsxp, 1 office suiet anf shared the suite amongst the clients dont know if it runs well though. he has 8 clients and a server his server runs a pirated 2000 server makes sense for now is expensive, then runs the other 4 pc with a pirated windowsxp after a few months hell be able to buy the 4 orignal xp and hopefully the server 2000 what a pain aint it? to use pirated or orig? and what of the games???? he only runs online games cause its free ro mu etc. he wants to run warcraft generals cs ect but cant coz thats yet another expense… hayyy… not all of us are rich … you cant blame him atleast his trying his best to save money and buy a linsece if only mircroft would give lisence in 1 is to 3 or even 1 is to 2… that would lighten things up… i hope linux gets better this 2006 ! i pray it does…

  • Linux is good for servers. And ragnarok runs perfectly under wine just read the howto in application database at Also there is work on native linux ragnarok client.


    I usually play tremulous, enemy territory, savage, wesnoth, regnum online, muds, planeshift, wurm online, emulators, loads of RTS stuff.

    I usually wine conquer online, warcraft 3 + WOW, tales of pirates, dawn of war.

    Where do you FPS freaks get true combat elite and counter strike at??? I can’t find their main site!

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