Mobile eLoad Discrepancy?

One reader, Carmencita, sent us a question:

I bought a 300 peso load two weeks ago and made 2 or 3 calls. After about one week I was out of time on my load. I bought another 300 peso load Monday the 2nd of Oct and have made two phone calls and no text messages but this afternoon (4 Oct) I find that I am out of load again. I have had my phone locked at all times when I’m not using it to call someone.

Is it possible for someone to steal my load? Nobody else has had access to the phone except me. What can I do about this?

Long gone are the days that cellphones can be easily/cheaply cloned and it doesn’t make sense to clone a prepaid account as it has limited use.

If you are positively sure that you have not used most of your load and nobody else may have used it then you can call customer support of your provider and inform them of the issue.

There have been numerous cases before of e-loads not being credited properly. I’m sure there’s a glitch in their system that may have caused this and they won’t admit it though even if it’s true.

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  • Globe to noh?

    Classmates of mine have been ranting about this problem too.

    Caused by Milenyo perhaps?

  • I was thinking of SMART :~)

  • Telco billing systems are the übercomplex!

  • ej_baling

    I am just curious why SMART can’t fix the problem. We are a third party providing e-load services to OFW’s in Saudi Arabia ( Was it a hardware problem or a programming bug? We can’t push thru with the business, the service is sometimes down for 4 hours and happens twice a week, worst is after sending the load, no reply message is being received but our load wallet is being deducted. Our system must be stable than SMART e-load system receiving multiple request at the same time but it is only as stable as SMART as we rely with them. If SMART is DOWN our system is also DOWN. “Hardware or Programming BUG?”..

  • Anthony

    Problems as far back as 2006 are still being experienced these days in 2009.

    SMART’s system is always bogged down at periods and it hurts the loading business. I noticed that even the UNLI calls 100 and 500, when introduced, overwhelmed their own system and many load credits were lost.

    Meron kayang nakikinig/nagbabasa nito from Smart so they can fix the problem? Parang wala…kawawa naman ang mga Pinoy…