Mobile in the line of work

I bumped into an old college friend, Larry.

He told me about the phone he was thinking of buying: the Sony Ericsson W800i.

That’s the orange mobile phone na walkman rin. It comes with a 2Megapixel built-in camera, a 512Mb storage card and a headset. It’s been out of stock at telco shops, but I found a good stock in Megamall Cyberzone selling at P29,000++ cash.

My wife wants that walkman phone too. The phone will come in handy when she’s doing field work. She wants to listen to music while field, travelling, trekking or staying over at remote areas where all you hear are crickets and bird sounds.

Larry’s wife, on the other hand, wants to use the W800i in line with her business. She’s a couturier for wedding gowns. She wants to use it to record videos, take photos of actual weddings. Then it would be a lot easier to showcase her work wherever and whenever she is.

Showing videos on a phone is so much easier (and way coooolest) than having to lug around an album, or setup a TV and DVD player or a laptop just to show a portfolio. She can even pass on photos (or videos) to prospect clients via bluetooth.

Talk about marketing on the fly. Even viral marketing as brides-to-be will have the chance forward photos of sample gowns to their friends.

Cellphone companies create the phones and their functions, we users find appropriate uses for the phones.

Aside from SMS, phone calls and entertainment, how do you use your phone in your line of work?

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  • I recommend Sony Ericsson K750i. For the same under-the-hood specs, it is definitely cheaper than W800i. I have been enjoying all aspect of it esp. the 2Mpixel cam and the remote-control feature.

  • I need to wake up early every weekday. I use mine as an alarm clock.

  • I agree with Richard, except for the walkman feature, the k750i pretty much has everything. And for 500 pesos, you can flash your k750i into a w800i minus the physical features of course.

  • pang alarmclock din lang un akin. pero dati gusto ko ung nokia6260 kse pwde mong iview ung powerpoints etc. eh our prof usually nagpopost ng lectures sa groups na nakapowerpoint. i don’t need to print a copy. nasa fone na e.

  • But can you use FMA with it?

  • rem

    i use my blue tooth enabled phone paired with a pda to transmit photos while on the field to the office via ftp using data call. very handy.