Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines

Remember those days in the 90’s when there was only one prefix for the only two telcos competing? Globe uses 0917 while SMART uses 0918, and the less known Extelcom owns 0973. That’s all you need to remember to know which telco someone is subscribed to.

Mobile Number Prefix

Of course now there are a ton of mobile number prefixes and we have Sun Cellular to think of too as well as Globe and SMART offsprings such as Talk N’ Text, TM, etc. mudding the list.

Here’s a quick reference of mobile number prefixes to help you know if sending a message to that chick you just met will trigger your unlimited text subscription.

Globe | TM or Touch Mobile0905, 0906, 0915, 0916, 0917, 0925, 0926, 0927, 0935, 0936, 0937
SMART | Talk N’ Text0907, 0908, 0909, 0910, 0912, 0918, 0919, 0920, 0921, 0928, 0929, 0930, 0939, 0999
Sun Cellular0922, 0923, 0932, 0933
Red Mobile | C.U.R.E0938 (powered by SMART)
Nextel0977, 0979

Chris sent us a tip on how to quickly figure things out. Memorize the fourth digit (091x). 1,2,3 belongs to Sun, 5,6,7 for Globe, 8,9,0 for SMART. Why is the number 4 not used?

Now what will happen if all 0900 prefixes get used up?

Via Digital Spidey

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  • Zoi C. Hernandez

    Thanks for sharing Abe!

    • Zoi C. Hernandez

      I mean Calvin 🙂

      • shaq

        you broke calvins heart! haha

    • no problem! maybe you would like to “Like” us on Facebook as well to get news and site updates on your feed. We won’t spam promise. 🙂

  • Chris

    Another easy way to memorize the prefixes is to remember the fourth number (090x) .. 1,2,3 belongs to sun, 5,6,7 for globe, 8,9,0 for smart.

    • Thanks Chris! You rock! Would you know why “4” is not being used?

      • mine

        its bad luck for chinese!

    • yukari

      SMART | Talk N’ Text -0912, 0920, 0921

      • MeLai

        then how come SMART yung 0907, 7 yun so dapat globe? tapos yung 0921, 1 sa sun dba? mejo confused lang… 🙂

      • oo nga ano. sablay yung tip. 1 is also for SMART and maraming exceptions. 😛

  • 4 is not used because according to the chinese, its not good for business.

    • Ramian

      yeah right! 😀

  • If the 094x will nog be used, that will leave around 999999999-100000000 numbers left. So total possible cominations of 89999999. Almost 900 million phone numbers. As for now the Philippines has around 90 million subsribers and there will be 60 million more over the next 3 years. That won’t be a huge problem.

    • paolo

      hindi naman poh cguro phone un,
      1 phone = 1 OR many sim/number,

    • ching

      ano bang promo ito sa text na ng start sa 8993then followed by cellphone number? ex 89936390856745678…

      • Lei

        may tumawag rin sakin 8993+cp number.

      • jaja

        Yung number ng bf ko bglang nging ganyan sa phonebook ko, then hndi na nya mareceive ang mga txt msg ko, kahit imanual input ko no nya, once ngsend babalik sa no. na may 8993 sa unahan? Hown can i fix this? Help me.

  • Jay Dominguez

    0925 is Sun Cellular not Globe, because my Sun number is 09255041++

  • You’ve got your tool here for checking prefixes, you can even call or text directly with checked number:) Try it out!

  • tony

    thanks, very helpfull indeed.

  • Melson

    Thanks for this.

    Would you know how to load 0977 (Next Mobile) number?

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