Mobius Launching Filipino Music Store

Mobius Live, a Filipino music store with social networking, is scheduled to launch Monday. Think MySpace in reverse. I heard the original concept for this last year, sans social networking. Ruby on Rails developer Hans Koch gave me a sneak peek yesterday. The thing’s still on a test server; Hans asked me not to link to it yet, lest traffic bog it down and registrations get wiped. Click thumbnail to view screenshot.

Browsing this makes me glad I introduced Hans to fellow surfer and Mobius CEO Scott Countryman. Since the Philippines has a low 4% credit card penetration, songs will be available through prepaid Mobius ePoints.

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  • hgcphoenix

    “lest traffic bog it down and registrations get wiped”

    Ah hmmmm, I know that it’s on a test server but that sounds like a bug 🙂

    Can’t wait to give it a spin !

    I hope it scales then we’d have another website to prove to skeptics that scalability in ROR is a non-issue.

  • There’s more, not just Mobius Music 😉 And even though I’m not part of dme anymore, I am very excited with the upcoming services and products 😉

    This is only just the beginning..

  • Well, if they’re not gonna lead in games, they may as well find some digital media to lead in with that metacurrency of theirs. Here’s the link.

  • Have they announced a price point yet?

    Just a thought: If they go with a price range similar to iTunes’ 99 cents a song it will fail. P9.99 sounds reasonable

  • Hey everyone … just a quick response to some points stated here. MobiusLive Alpha currently features about 50 artists and around a hundred previewable tracks (using the Flash XSPF standard, if anyone’s familiar with that). By mid-October, we should have about 400 artists and a few thousand tracks, as well as full track download and purchasing functionality via the MobiusOnline payment gateway.

    The price point will be PhP20.00 per track, with 55% of the revenue going *directly to the artist*. This is, I believe, the most important part of the digital-music puzzle, as very few competitors will give the artists anywhere near that much. (Even the magnanimous Magnatune only gives 50%.) Apart from really stimulating the local independent music scene, we believe that this will help encourage legal music downloads, as consumers will know that most of the money they are paying goes right to the artist, instead of having 95% of it waylaid by record labels or vendors.

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