More Details About the LG G Watch Emerge

LG continues to tease us with their upcoming smartwatch. New details about the LG G Watch have been posted on the LG G Watch website and this time LG has revealed that the LG G Watch will come in two colors – Stealth Black and Champagne Gold. What’s more is that the LG G Watch will be water and dust resistant, similar to some of its competitors.


LG also posted on the website that the LG G Watch’s screen is “˜Always On’. Well, I hope they’ll leave an option for the user to set this feature on/off. If not, we’re expecting to see a higher battery capacity on LG’s smartwatch. LG has not posted more details about the LG G Watch’s specs, particularly about its processor, memory and software features but we’re expecting it to have more or less the same features as its Samsung smartwatch rivals.

LG G Watch website

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