More Meme and Blog Tracking

Tracking memes – getting ideas that blogs link to – has become hot in the Web 2.0 world. One of the services talked about is Megite. I created an OPML file for 719 Pinoy Blogs and sent it to Megite’s owner. He came up with my personalized page.

This page contains what the Pinoy Blogs are talking about. Of course that’s just a small fraction of the Pinoy blogs out there – who knows how many there are?

I got the feeds for the OPML from Pinoy Top Blogs. Pinoy Top Blogs does not have the feed URLs, so I extracted it with an open source Java Feedparser maintained by another aggregator developer, Kevin Burton.

Why I did this is discussed in my Pinoy Meme Aggregation and Search and Me-Aggregator posts.

Another way of aggregating memes is by manually grouping them together. A new Pinoy site, Witshare. It is a “free, open service for personal or public conversation. It combines the characteristics of a forum, a poll and a group blog to create persistent spaces where meaningful thought sharing can be made.” – following the “democratic” principles of Web 2.0.

Witshare is by Jason Banico, who is now in Stanford University for the Reuters Digital Vision Program.

Can you think of more ways of tracking ideas in the Pinoy Internet?

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  • pinayexpat

    can’t think of any. but your idea has impressed me. galeng!

  • Thanks pinayexpat! I have to give credit to all the other folks who thought of this. My idea is not original at all. I just thought of applying it to Pinoy blogs.