I’ve been seeing messages over mailing lists about an upcoming buffet of three day weekends. These travel opportunities (wahoo!) in the months of October, November, December and January are due to various holidays and “substituted” holidays such as Bonifacio Day, All Saint’s Day, and of course the Christmas holidays.

Some emails, though, are written with a tentative tone.
Want to verify? Authoritative announcements are just a phone call away.

Just dial the “Gawin 1345” hotline of the Philippine Information Agency at these numbers:

1345 using your mobile phone or PLDT landline
Tel. (02) 9815000 using other landlines

You will be prompted by an interactive voice response systems (IVRS) that will guide you through a menu of services.

You can even request for a fax copy of the specific Executive Order that declares the holiday.

Just what we need for self-defense against the evil boss who’s trying to take away our holiday biyahe.

ka edong

p.s. In a medical emergency, a former officemate called PIA in the middle of the night and found information on the available 24-hour drug stores in his area. C’mon, let’s give PIA some credit. clap clap clap 😉

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  • speaking of holiday.. we’ll possibly have a long one.

    October 29 Saturday
    October 30 Sunday
    October 31 Monday (Sandwiched by two non-working days)
    November 1 All Saints Day
    November 2 All Souls Day
    November 3 Eidl Feitre (Last day of Ramadan which, officially, is a legal holiday)
    November 4 Friday (Who would want to go to work on a Friday after a long break?)
    November 5 Saturday
    November 6 Sunday

  • Nice break for fixed-income earners, productivity loss for the whole industry. Not a good break for daily-wage earners.

  • + more

    November 28 Monday is a Non working day
    November 30 Wednesday is Bonifacio Day which is a working day (substituted holiday for Nov 28)

    December 26 Monday is a non-working day too.

    Reference: Gawin 1345

  • And double good for some employees – get paid holidays, plus time to work on other projects!

  • bugsybee

    I tried dialing 1345 on my cellphone (Globe) and on my landline (PLDT) and it doesn’t work.