More on Philippines’ own ultra-low cost computer


Puppy Linux was guest-of-honor at an “Affordable Community Computing Workshop” this week in the Philippines, where participants assembled and took home ultra low-cost, PC-like computing devices. The workshop was sponsored by Via and several organizations working to close the “digital divide” in the Philippines.

At the workshop, Dr. Raffy Mananghaya, a professor at the University of the Philippines, led non-technical particants in assembling PC-like computing devices that eschew hard drives, instead booting Linux from CD-ROM, and running it in a ramdisk, storing user preferences across reboots on a small removable flash storage card.

Via’s PC-1 site gives more details of this workshop, attended, not only by computer professional or technology geeks, but various individuals including education professionals, government and NGO representatives. The primary exercises of the workshop was for participants to build a working system from scratch and part of the point of it was to demonstrate how simple it really is.

I am downloading Puppy Linux as I write this. I definitely will give it a spin.

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