More on the Sony Rootkit Fiasco

BoingBoing appears to have one of the better coverages of the Sony rootkit fiasco, and they’re still at it, including the latest one, wherein it concludes: over 500,000 networks contain at least one infected machine. Many of these are governmental and military networks.

Here’s a list of links of the still ongoing November coverage from the site:

Sony infects more than 500k networks, including military and govt

Sony’s spyware “remover” creates huge security hole

Sony begins to recall some infected CDs

Sony’s rootkit uninstaller is *really* dangerous

EFF to Sony: you broke it, you oughta fix it

Older posts have been compiled on the following entry:

Sony anti-customer technology roundup and time-line

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  • More proof that DRM is garbage.

    Even Microsoft Defender (formerly AntiSpyware) deems the rootkit malware. Then again, Bill’s pushing his own DRM standard. 😉

  • Bill hates Sony because sony got at the console market first >:)

    Sheez, this is simply Sony’s desperate move, but it’s not the solution though.