More Text, Less Yosi

I read an article in a print publication in South Africa: “œThe Mobile Accessories and Gaming Guide”. It featured a survey in Japan indicating that teenage smoking has dropped. This drop was attributed to teens allotting more of their budget to cellphone expenses, thus cutting down on smoking expenses.

The connection has been made by health officials in Japan who have announced an unprecedented drop in the rate of smoking among teenagers.

A survey of 103,500 high school students found that the rate of smoking among boys aged 17 and 18 had fallen to 22 percent in 2004, compared with 37 percent in surveys done in 1996 and 2000.

A research said mobile phone ownership among teenagers was rising and there was evidence that the bills were becoming a major expense in the average teen’s monthly budget.

In the Philippines, I have heard word of softdrinks sales going down. Again, this has been attributed to customers choosing to spend on “œload” instead of other nice-to-have’s like softdrinks.

At least cellphone usage is cutting a little out of other “œaddictions”.

I say better that the people are addicted to connecting/socializing via cellphone rather than burning their lungs or downing yet another bottle of softdrinks.

ka edong

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  • Hardcore technophobes, far too many of whom are in power in this country, will always see smoking and sugar-chugging as a time-honored traditions — and texting and surfing as frivolous pastimes.

  • Their generation will pass soon enough 🙂 ooops teka, smoker din ako.. :-0