Motorola Razr V3

My son threw my trusty old (2 year) Nokia on the floor. My mistake. A 2-year old should never be trusted with anything breakable, everyone knows that. Oh well, perfect excuse to get a new phone.

Since time immemorial, I have been a loyal Nokia user. Too lazy to re-learn the sms keys of another brand, I always turned my back on other brands and always chose good ole Nokia. Not this time.

The sleek casing of Motoral Razr V3 just mesmerized me. One look at the thin clamshell and you will understand why Motorola chose to name it Razr. I have to admit, though, the camera’s resolution leaves a lot to be desired but hey, I wanted a phone not a camera.

There’s no plastic! Even the keypad is made of alloy.
It’s only 100g. Very light.
It looks very stylish. A phone for girls, I say.
It has a mini-USB connector on the side.
Basically, it’s very convenient to use and it looks cool!!!

I’ve been obssessively cleaning it since I got it. Soon, I think I will be able to memorize the swirls of my thumbprints.
You need to keep your DigiCam if you want great pictures.

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  • Motorola has certainly been heading in the right direction with its phones lately. The improvements they’ve made to their products’ interfaces and embedded operating systems have resulted in devices that are stable and a joy to use. Personally, I find the best part to be the inclusion of a Bluetooth headset with the higher-end models, along with some other small touches like a velvet carrying case and microfibre cleaning cloth. *grins* The RAZR v3 impressed me from the get-go with its sheer physical attractiveness; at less than three-quarters of a centimetre thick it looks like a shard of carved ice in your palm. It is, however remarkably expensive (or was at the time we evaluated it) and light on features (while offering many options for data transfer, it falls short in the connectivity department, and for a phone billed as “media capable” it does not offer a memory card slot). It goes without saying that the 262,000 colour screen should have been paired with at least a 1.2mpx camera, too. All in all, the v3 is a great unit for users who prefer style over substance (or want a phone that stands out from the crowd). So what came out of our assessment? My friend (who I helped to pick out a Motorola phone) ended up buying an A768i instead (a Linux-powered smartphone with Qt-based applications). No memory card slot either, but it was considerably cheaper than a Pocket PC phone and far stabler. *sighs* I guess it comes down to what one likes and needs. Still, in a nod to Motorola’s efforts at friendlier products, she had all the features figured out by the next day and was using it to read PDF files. Perhaps a good enough reason to look at Moto for your next purchase? 😉

  • I contemplated in getting a RAZR before. But, what was under the hood didn’t impress me much as opposed to my appreciation of its businessly-techie-looking facade. The single item that I was looking for was missing: ability to extend memory through flash memory card. All thing’s well, I’ve bought a Sony Ericsson K750i instead. This phone is _the_ ultimate-techie phone!

  • Karl and Richard: despite my job, I still am a girl 😉 More often than not, the looks department is given priority over it’s tech specs. At least, when it comes to cellphones and laptops. haha

  • Hehe, I suppose so. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. 😀

  • I’d buy a Razr if I had the money for it now. It’s reasonably priced now and it’s still a beauty. Bad camera? That’s what digicams are for. No memory card slot? That’s what thumbdrives and iPods are for. And I just like to be different. 😛

  • larvs

    motos have really improved, but if you want, you can still improve your v3 by modding it’s firmware. moto modding has become quite a scene today. anyone knows when v3i will come out here in the phil?

  • Reuben

    Razr was nice but low memory I only store 1 mp3 song but gosh it took 98% of its memory It was totally shocking so is their an application that could help V3 razr to expand its memory?

  • Hey everybody, I have just finished setting up my motorola razr v3 site. It is dedicated to razr phone only. It has every single razr phone out uncluding pictures- check it out at

  • Procopio

    hi ‘vryone. know any good site to download themes, games and everything fun for V3x? thanks!!! ^_^

  • retep

    Has any one noticed that – with the ‘phone closed – the V3 takes its pictures backwards? Try it on text, then take the same picture with the camera open, or is mine the only camera with this quirk?

  • Succu memory card slot? T^T awwww

  • mina

    anyone know if i can expand the motorola v3 razer phone’s memory because its pretty sad?

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