Motorola SLVR ads: sleek!

Motorola SLVR advertisementObservant, hot-blooded males may have already noticed these ads splattered around several billboards and glossy magazines in the Metro: Motorola SLVR advertisements featuring an almost-topless woman.

Something to emphasize the SLVR’s sleekness, I guess.

Okay, we see stuff like this all the time. But this one involves a mobile phone. And that means tech!

(also posted on Mobileherald)

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  • PoshNeya

    cool. but the v3i rocks.;)

  • News Flash: Pinoy Tech Blog joins BoingBoing in nudity filters!

  • Hmm … Should we take down the photo, then? Or should we “slap an image … of the pubic region of Michaelangelo’s David” everywhere? 😉

  • Brokeback!!

  • filmboy

    someone has to call ugly on this one, if she we’re a truly hot chick their’d be an uproar from the moral assholes.