MSI-ECS appointed official distributor of Belkin products

One of the leading IT solutions provider in the country, MSI-ECS was recently appointed by Belkin to be the official distributor of all their products. Belkin is known for its accessories for Apple products such as the iPod, iPhone, iPad as well as other consumer electronic products.

msi-ecs and belkin

With the appointment, Belkin can take advantage of MSI-ECS’ extensive dealer network and seasoned IT distribution expertise. “œWe wanted to partner with a company that provides one of the best-in class distribution practices in the Philippines.  With its impressive channel network, Belkin is confident  that MSI-ECS will bridge the missing link to bringing its full suite of exciting products and leading age innovations effectively to the consumer market”, says Louis Lye, ASEAN General Manager for Belkin.

It’s nice that Belkin now has a local presence and the partnership with MSI-ECS was a good move. Consumers here in the Philippines need to know that Belkin is more than an electronic accessory maker. They also offer a myriad of consumer products for the home such as surge protectors and wireless routers which we recently talked about.

With this appointment, now you know who to go after for warranty claims on your Belkin products.

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