MSI Wind breaks the 10-inch lap

The MSI Wind was officially announced at the Computex in Taipei, Taiwan.This 10″ mini-laptop sports the new Intel Atom processor clocked at 1.6GHz.

msi wind philippines

Screen resolution goes as high as 1024×600 pixels running an Intel 945 GMS. Stardard memory is 1GB DDR2 RAM and an 80GB HDD running Windows XP Home. With 802.11b/g wifi, Bluetooth and webcam finishes the features list.

Weighing only at 2.6lbs (1.2Kg) which can last up to 5.5 hours. The notebook will cost somewhere between $399 to $499 or at least Php17,500-Php25,000 when it reaches the Philippine shores.

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  • that;s a cool gadget. a compact laptop at 1.6 Ghz. kelan kaya yan darating dito sa pinas.

  • that;s a cool gadget. a compact laptop at 1.6 Ghz. kelan kaya yan darating dito sa pinas.. panlaban ba yan sa ASUS Eee

  • metre9dmt

    Just read the local price (Philippine) of MSI Wind is about PhP 29,000. This is a deal breaker considering that the target market are 1st laptop buyers, this is too much. Though the specs and upgradability is okay, I have read that the Intel Atom CPU performance is below par, even below a Celeron! My gulay! Also, my current laptop has a Core Solo 1.66 Ghz (w/ 2mb L2 cache) processor, 1.5 Gb DDR2 RAM, 80 Gb hard drive, DVD RW drive, 3 USB slots, WiFi, Ethernet and modem ports, and 14.1 – inch screen. Add to that are good set of speakers, webcam and mouse. All for a good price of PhP 23,000. Check out ECS Elitegroup D25. Why am I considering a mini-laptop? Mine weighs in at 2.2 kilos which is cumbersome to carry around given that I am mobile. Sana they bring down the price of MSI Wind to manageable less than PhP 20,000. Still dreaming while drooling… šŸ˜Ž

  • akiyo

    Meron na yan dito sa pinas… P 15, 900.00 ang price nyan sa SM damarinas ewan ko lang sa iba.. maganda rin yang pang gaming(except ung mga hardcore gaming as in COD4, devil may cry 4.. etc..) like Ran Online(Any online games), Dota, Counterstrike, etc… Basta cool yan… haha

  • hatch

    i got a black one of this and i can say that it is cool, although it wouldve have been better if the cover of it is not like of that dells which is elegant in texture